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Sam's Tips for Real Gravy | Farmhouse Table Company

Sam's Tips for Real Gravy

OK, I don't want to blow my own trumpet, but I make pretty good gravy! From scratch. In fact, the other day, we had friends of ours around for a Sunday roast, neither of them eat meat so we just had a good old nut roast with my veggie gravy, and they wouldn't believe it when I said it was genuinely meat free!

I don't have a recipe for gravy as I just make it up as I go along, but here's roughly how I make it...

1. First, fry up a sliced onion on a medium heat until it turns translucent.

2. Add a spoonful or two of flour (it doesn't matter if it's plain/self raising) and mix it in well until the onions are coated and a bit of a roux has formed.

3. Gradually add stock and stir on a low heat. You can use what you like here - For example, if we're having roast chicken or meat, I'll usually add the juices plus a bit of extra water with half a stock cube. If I've got a pot of stock on the go, then I'll use that. If I'm keeping it meat-free, I just add water with a veggie stock cube. In terms of quantity, it really depends how much flour you've added and how thick a gravy you want. That's why I just keep adding it gradually, so that I can decide when to stop!

4. Here's where I throw in my three magic ingredients...Add a splash of wine (white or red), a splash of soy sauce which will turn it a lovely brown colour, and half a teaspoon or so of marmite. Yes, marmite.

5. Taste it and titivate! A little more marmite, a sprinkling of herbs, maybe crumble in half a stock cube.