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Coffee Tables - The Hero or Villain?

Coffee Tables - The Hero or Villain?

 Coffee tables, those seemingly innocuous pieces of furniture that have graced living rooms for decades are so much more than surfaces to place our mugs upon. They can be the unsung heroes that elevate a room's aesthetic, or the villains lying in wait to dent an unsuspecting shin. From the child-friendly curves of round tables to the chameleon-like qualities of glass ones, each type tells a story. And for those who crave a personal touch, DIY options beckon with limitless possibilities. 

Round Coffee Tables - Relax, your shins and kids are perfectly safe!

Never has a table suffered so much abuse and dished it out too! Standing at a height, completely out of our radar, is a sharp edge just waiting to add another dent to our childhood dented shins. Recall the time when you got up off the sofa, gently shuffled to the right to exit the seating area and boom! You find yourself standing on one leg, biting your bottom lip, head trembling and eyes tightly closed with your hand in place to numb the pain. You then glare at the table as if you’re giving it its final warning but actually, it’s already primed to dish out a clout on your return. If you’re one of those people that feels like life is constantly against you, then when you’re next sat at a red traffic light perhaps consider upgrading to something a little more shin safe. A round coffee table could not only save your shins and cage your temper but they’re also very on trend and you could be in danger of looking like you know how to style a living room beautifully. 

Another reason why you can completely relax with a round coffee table is that you’re far less likely to have your stomach leaping into your mouth watching your 18 month old child fall in slow motion towards one of the corners. You’re sitting back on the sofa and feel utterly helpless knowing your core strength isn’t as it used to be, and you’re just too late to witness another victim of that bastard coffee table! Let your youngsters use it as a stable platform to perform lap after lap with no danger of coming face to face with those nasty corners. 

Round coffee tables are also space saving pieces of furniture, I love them, not only because of the above but also the way they can be styled. A round statement vase and just a small selection of your favourite books is enough to give this shaped table a lovely calm and simple look. Checkout Studio Mcgee who I think gets it pretty spot on. 

Some favourites from our range are the Dairy Round Coffee Table and the Riley round Coffee Table  

round coffee table on a white rug with blue sofa in background

Coffee Tables with Storage - Hide Your Secrets, Not Your Style!

The age-old problem of where to stash those glossy magazines from 2007, that suspiciously missing TV remote, or your child's collection of oddly shaped rocks. Enter the lifesaver: coffee tables with storage! These tables are the Clark Kent of the furniture world – unassuming on the outside, but packed with superhero capabilities within. It’s like having a personal butler, without the British accent or the judgmental stare when you decide to store another "essential" knick-knack in the drawer

These tables can be an utter lifesaver when it comes to unexpected guests. With a coffee table that boasts storage, you can bid farewell to those frenzied moments darting around the sitting room with a handful of lego and a 5 week old copy of the Times, just stuff it in a drawer and voila – instant tidiness! Your guests will be none the wiser about your last-minute cleanup, and you’ll come off looking like the epitome of organisation. Plus, think of all the secret snacks you can hide away from prying eyes and sneaky fingers!

But here’s the kicker – these tables are not just all about function; they’re about fashion too. A coffee table with storage doesn’t have to scream, “I’m hiding a mess under here!” Instead, they can be just as chic and stylish as their shin-friendly round counterparts. Go minimalist with clean lines and neutral tones like our Tigley Coffee Table, or make a statement with ornate designs and bold colours. The possibilities are endless, and you don’t have to compromise aesthetics for utility. 

In fact, you could even argue that coffee tables with storage add an extra layer of sophistication to your living space. They echo the sentiments of renowned designer Maria Killam, who once said, "The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." So let your living room speak volumes about your impeccable taste, while your coffee table quietly takes care of the clutter. 

A coffee table with drawers on a rug in front of a sofa

Glass Coffee Tables - Certainly not the drunks choice!

If you’re one for getting a little over excited during a rugby match or an enthusiastic Riverdance wannabe after a good dinner party then I’d probably stay clear of this option for obvious reasons. You can however, spill your tipple until your heart's content without worrying about the red wine seeping into a beautiful oak grain.  The glass coffee table is like the chameleon of the furniture world. They can adapt to any décor, from the avant-garde modern loft to the cosy cottage with floral curtains. They don't demand attention, but they subtly enhance everything around them. It’s like having a piece of high fashion in the midst of your living room - understated, yet undeniably stylish. Our favourites include the Engleborne Glass Coffee Table and the Putney Glass Coffee Table  

Glass Coffee Table on a white rug in front of a sofa

DIY Coffee Table - Adding a touch of you.

If you’re like me, sometimes something completely different and unique is what your living space needs. A touch of you and not the same old look from a glossy interiors magazine. When I made my first table, I spent hours trying to find exactly what I wanted and eventually just gave up and made the bugger myself. Because of that, I’m sitting here writing to you today! Sometimes you have to just take the bull by its horns, add a pinch of creativity, be resourceful and don’t worry if you make a complete horlicks of it, your friends and family will still think you’re pretty fab!

Here are some websites that may give you some inspiration for your next home project.

Family Handyman have an article on 12 homemade coffee table ideas ranging from using an old whiskey barrel to making a table using beer bottle tops!

Better Homes and Gardens show 15 coffee table project ideas one of which uses an old car tyre sprayed up with an oak top!

 A Beautiful Mess Shows how you can use just a few pieces of 4 x 2 and some cheap metal feet to create a very simple and quirky coffee table.  


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