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Oak Dining Tables

If you just can't resist a bit of oak then you'e in the right place.
The Majority of our oak  tables contain either a gorgeous oak top or strong and sturdy oak frame.
All our oak dining tables are made from solid oak, beautifully made and
are so robust they will be looking great for many years to come. 

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  1. A Rustic Oak Round Table perfect for Home furniture and Interior decor.
  2. A Prime Oak Round Table by Kiki, a home furniture piece, in a white room with interior decor.
  3. A pink French dining table with prime oak top and chairs in a white kitchen, perfect for home furniture and interior decor.

5 Reasons Why Oak is the Best Wood for Dining Tables

When looking for the perfect dining table to grace your home, the choice of material is as crucial as the design. At Kiki at Home, we understand this concern and have created an exquisite collection of high-quality oak dining tables to meet every need. We sell an array of oak tables, from the Rustic Oak Round Table to the refined French Farmhouse Table. But why choose oak for your dining table? Here are five convincing reasons.

Durability and Longevity

One defining characteristic of oak wood is its unparalleled durability. This makes it an excellent material for creating long-lasting furniture pieces like the Tigley Extending Dining Table. Oak is a robust hardwood that withstands wear and tear and survive daily usage with grace. It resists scratches, and dents, thanks to its dense grain and strong fibers. Properly maintained, your oak dining table can serve generation after generation, offering excellent value for money from Kiki at Home.

According to The Spruce, oak is one of the sturdiest woods available for furniture, resistant to rot and insect damage. This contributes to its longevity, making it a practical choice for family heirlooms.

Versatility in Design

Need your dining table to echo your unique personality or match your home's décor? Oak has got you covered. This versatile hardwood can perfectly fit into your design, whether you're into traditional or contemporary styles. You're free to experiment with the broad range of oak dining tables available at Kiki at Home, such as the modern Buckland Extending Dining Table, or go with our classic Ashford Dining Table.

As detailed on Wood Furniture, oak's popularity among furniture makers comes from its adaptability. Different styles, colors, and finishes are attainable with this wood, making it a top choice for bespoke items.

Beauty and Elegance

Adding an oak dining table to your space is a surefire way to elevate its aesthetics. This wood's natural beauty, evident in its distinctive grain patterns and rich color nuances, effortlessly adds charm and elegance to any room. Classic items like the Wembury Dining Table from Kiki at Home are a testament to the timeless appeal of oak.

According to The Spruce Crafts, the use of oak in furniture making dates back centuries, proving its enduring appeal. Its visual allure and elegance have withstood the test of time, making it a perennial favourite for dining tables.

Easy Maintenance

For busy households, an oak dining table like the Tristford Dining Table could be a lifesaver. These tables require very minimal maintenance. A simple cleanup with a mildly soapy damp cloth is all it takes to keep your table looking good. Even minor scratches or spills don't pose a problem – oak is known for its resistance to such damages.

A post on highlights these low-maintenance features of oak, explaining that it's easy to clean and can remain in prime condition with routine care. For busy families, this is a great bonus.

Environmental Sustainability

Choosing an oak dining table is a step towards living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Oak is a renewable resource that comes from responsibly managed forests. Plus, wood is biodegradable and recyclable, making oak furniture a sustainable choice. When you opt for the Tortington Dining Table at Kiki at Home, for example, you're endorsing environmental consciousness.

As explained by Wood Furniture Biz, oak furniture supports sustainable forest management and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Conclusion: Make Oak Your First Choice

In conclusion, oak stands out as an excellent choice for dining tables. Its unparalleled durability, design versatility, inherent beauty, easy maintenance, and environmental sustainability align to make it a prime pick. By investing in an oak dining table from Kiki at Home, you'll have a timeless piece designed to bring years of joy and togetherness over countless meals.


  • Beautiful table, with accompanying benches and two chairs. Fantastic quality, definitely built to last. Great service from company and delivery team. Thank you,

    Joanne Lee

  • I have ordered four times from Farmhouse and each time I have received excellent service. Sam always responds quickly, the delivery team is friendly and the finished product is well made and beautiful.
  • Beautiful furniture & excellent customer service