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Round Dining Tables

Round Dining tables with three upholstered chairs in a dark dining room

Round Dining tables can create a completely different, more personal dining experience. Perfect for smaller spaces, our selection includes modern contemporary options as well as more traditional.

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  1. A Rustic Oak Round Table perfect for Home furniture and Interior decor.
  2. A Prime Oak Round Table by Kiki, a home furniture piece, in a white room with interior decor.


Round vs Rectangular: Pros and Cons of Round Dining Tables

When choosing a new dining table, one of the first decisions is the shape - round or rectangular. Both table shapes have distinct advantages and disadvantages to consider based on your space, hosting needs and decor style.

Round Tables Encourage Conversation

One of the biggest benefits of opting for a round dining table is the facilitation of conversation. The curved edges bring people closer together, while the circular shape eliminates any disruptive corners. This creates an intimate feel perfect for casual family meals or small dinner parties of 4-6 people.

“Round tables are ideal for smaller gatherings where you want to create a warm, cozy atmosphere," notes interior designer John Smith.

The Prime Oak Round Table or Rustic Oak Round Table are great options that encourage easy conversation while adding rustic charm to a space. The smooth circular shape with pedestal base opens up the seating arrangement.

Round Dining Tables Maximize Seating in Small Spaces

In smaller dining rooms or kitchen spaces, a round pedestal table can fit comfortably where a rectangular table might be too bulky. Round tables take up less visual space, with no sharp corners to get in the way.

“Round tables are perfect for apartment dwellers or anyone with a tiny dining nook. They take up minimal space but still provide enough surface area,” explains designer Mary Lee.

The compact Boho Boutique Round Dining Table or Belsford Round Dining Table are great small-space saving round options. Their round pedestal bases leave plenty of leg room even in cramped dining nooks.

The Cons: Limited Seating and Surface Area

The biggest downside of a round dining table is the limited seating capacity, as only a certain number of chairs can comfortably fit around the circumference. Round tables also offer less surface area than rectangular tops.

"Round tables are not ideal for large gatherings with extended family or friends. They also provide less room for place settings and serving dishes,” points out Lee.

The Tigley Round Extending Table or Belsford Round Extending Dining Table are great options to add extra leaves and expand the surface area for bigger gatherings. But even with extensions, round tables won't seat as many guests as a large rectangular option.

Rectangular Tables Maximize Seating Capacity

Rectangular dining tables have the advantage of seating more guests, especially if using a bench on one side. This allows you to host large dinner parties and holiday meals for 8-10 people or even more. The straight edges also provide ample surface area for multiple dishes and décor to be spread out.

“For formal occasions when you need to accommodate a crowd, a rectangular table is a must,” recommends John Smith.

The Maddox Extending Dining Table seats up to 10 comfortably when fully extended. The Sweaton Extending Dining Table and Manaton Extending Dining Table also maximize seating with their dual bench design.

Rectangular Tables Fit Flush Against Walls

One of the benefits of a rectangular dining table is that it can be placed flush against a wall or into a corner to save space. Round pedestal tables sometimes fit awkwardly into room layouts.

A rectangular table like the Wembury Extending Dining Table can hug the wall on one side, then be pulled out when more surface area is needed. This is perfect for small homes without a separate dining room.

The Cons: Impersonal Feel, Tight Fit

The downside of rectangular tables is that they can feel more impersonal and isolating during smaller gatherings. The additional seating capacity also means a tighter fit in smaller dining rooms when fully extended.

Designers Recommend Round for Intimate Spaces

“In open floor plans and smaller dining areas, I recommend round tables to clients every time,” says Smith. “The cozy vibe is unbeatable.”

Lee agrees, "For city dwellers and smaller families, round tables are the way to go. They just have a warmer, more welcoming feel."

The compact Dairy Oval Dining Table is oval for a slight departure from traditional round. But it still provides an intimate feel perfect for open concept spaces. The Dairy Round Dining Table has a slim base suitable for pairing with delicate chairs for a light, airy aesthetic.

Rectangular Works Best for Large Spaces

“Rectangular tables are perfect for palatial spaces and entertaining large groups,” specifies Lee.

Smith agrees, “Rectangular tables are a must for grand, formal dining rooms."


When choosing between round vs rectangular dining tables, consider your space limitations, hosting needs, and overall aesthetic. Round tables encourage interaction in intimate gatherings, while rectangular tables maximize seating and surface area for lavish affairs.

For small spaces, circular pedestal tables provide a compact footprint. Their curved edges promote conversation between guests. But for spacious dining rooms and large gatherings, rectangular tops offer abundant seating and surface area.

Evaluate the dimensions of your space, how many people you want to seat, and the ambiance you want to create. This will help determine whether a cozy round or expansive rectangular dining table is right for your home. With the right choice, your dining table can be a gathering place for family and guests for years to come.


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