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Go solar outside! hassle free solar lanterns, no cables, no charging.
Just light when you want it, where you want it.  Our collection of garden solar lanterns caters for any outdoor space.
Whether you’ve got a large garden or a small patio, our outdoor solar lanterns are the ideal decorative addition.

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The Best Eco-Friendly Lighting for Off-Grid Use

Solar-powered lanterns provide bright, renewable lighting without needing access to electricity. As more people look to live sustainably off-grid, solar lanterns have become an essential item for lighting homes, camping, outdoor activities and emergency preparedness kits. This guide will overview the benefits of solar lanterns, key features to look for, and provide recommendations on the best solar-powered lanterns in 2023.
Benefits of Solar Lanterns:
  • Renewable - Powered by the sun, solar lanterns don't require batteries or electricity. This makes them ideal for off-grid settings.
  • Portable - Small and lightweight, solar lanterns are easy to transport for camping, hiking, outdoor activities.
  • Affordable - No recurring electricity or battery costs after the initial purchase.
  • Reliable - LED bulbs last for thousands of hours. Solar panels reliably charge the lanterns each day.
  • Eco-Friendly - Solar lanterns don't create any greenhouse gas emissions. They are safer for the environment compared to kerosene lanterns.
Key Features to Look For in Solar Lanterns:
  • Solar panel size - The bigger the panel, the faster the lantern will charge. Look for at least 2 watt panels.
  • Battery size - Bigger batteries (4000+mAh) will provide more hours of light before needing a recharge.
  • Light modes - Look for low, medium, high, emergency flashing modes to control brightness.
  • Durability - Lanterns should have waterproof and drop-proof ratings for outdoor use.


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