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Glass Coffee Tables

Glass Coffee Tables on a white rug with sofa in the background
A well-lit room not only brightens up your space but also uplifts your mood. One creative and stylish way to achieve this is through the use of glass coffee tables. These elegant pieces of furniture come with the dual advantage of being a functional surface while also acting as a conduit for natural light, brightening up your living space effortlessly.

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Benefits of Glass Coffee Tables for Lighting

Transparency and Light Transmission

Unlike wooden or metal tables, glass coffee tables like the Ashprington Round Coffee Table allow light to pass through without a hindrance. Their transparency aids in distributing natural light evenly throughout the room, making spaces look brighter and more inviting.

Reflective Properties

The reflective surface of glass coffee tables bounces and amplifies incoming sunlight or artificial lighting. This reflection, showcased beautifully by the Engleborne Coffee Table, helps in illuminating the darker corners of a room, adding a sense of spaciousness.

Illusion of Space

Glass coffee tables give the illusion of a larger, more open room due to their see-through quality. They do not obstruct the visual space, which in turn, enhances the effects of natural lighting, making rooms look larger and more airy.

Styles of Glass Coffee Tables for Brightening Rooms

Clear Glass Tables

Clear glass coffee tables like the Parma Coffee Table in Silver are completely transparent, allowing maximum light to flow through and providing the most illumination, making them a popular choice for smaller rooms or spaces with limited natural light.

Frosted Glass Tables

Frosted glass, while obscuring contents, still transmits light, providing a softer, diffused lighting effect that can add a warm ambiance to the room.

Tinted Glass Tables

Colored tinted glass tables can add a unique tone to the light being transmitted. Options like light yellow or gray tint can still transmit light while adding a warmer or cooler tone to the lighting.

Accent Materials

Pairing glass with reflective metals like chrome or nickel, or contrasting it with earthy materials like stone or wood, can bring different aesthetic and lighting effects to your space.

Tips for Placement to Reflect Natural Light

Near Windows

Position your glass coffee table like the Putney Coffee Table near windows or other light sources so light can pass through the glass surface and further illuminate the room.


Angle the table so that the glass faces into the light source, bouncing light into darker corners, thus maximizing the reflection and refraction of light.


Allow enough space around the table for light to spread and reflect. Avoid cramming it into corners or placing it in the path between the window and interior space.

Enhancing Brightness With Glass Coffee Tables

Beveled Edges

Select tables with beveled edges like the Torrance Coffee Table in Silver to refract light from more angles, creating a beautiful light play and brightening up the space.

Reflective Materials

Incorporate reflective materials like acrylic, mirrored glass, or polished metal for added light bounce, complementing your glass coffee table perfectly.


Keeping your glass coffee table spotless using products like Windex or white vinegar will maximize its clarity, ensuring maximum light transmission and reflection.


Glass coffee tables like the Engleborne Coffee Table in Champagne are more than just a stylish statement. They are a functional and elegant way to enhance natural lighting in a room. With the right style, placement, and care, they can transform your living space into a bright, cheerful, and inviting area. Explore the beautiful collections of glass coffee tables to find the one that best suits your home and let the light flow through!


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