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Need something to cover up? Checkout our fabulous throws ranging from a variety of sizes shapes and fabrics.

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  1. A textured acrylic throw in claret color with fringes, perfect for interior decor and home furniture.
  2. An Acrylic Textured Throw Green 1300x1700mm with fringes on a white background for interior decor.
  3. A Acrylic Textured Throw Sienna 1300x1700mm with fringes perfect for interior decor.
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  4. An Acrylic Textured Throw by is a stylish addition to your home furniture and interior decor.
  5. A Acrylic Textured Throw for home interior decor.
  6. An Acrylic Textured Throw for Interior Decor with fringes on a white background, by
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  11. A PET Chevron Throw Duck Egg 1300x1700mm with fringes available at, perfect for interior decor and home furniture.
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  12. A Chevron Throw Blush 1300x1700mm with fringes for home decor.
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  13. A Chevron Throw Natural 1300x1700mm with fringes, perfect for home interior decor.
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  14. A Chevron Grey Throw with fringes for home interior decor.
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  • Beautiful table, with accompanying benches and two chairs. Fantastic quality, definitely built to last. Great service from company and delivery team. Thank you,

    Joanne Lee

  • I have ordered four times from Farmhouse and each time I have received excellent service. Sam always responds quickly, the delivery team is friendly and the finished product is well made and beautiful.
  • Beautiful furniture & excellent customer service