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Choosing a rug for your dining table | Farmhouse Table Company

Choosing a rug for your dining table

Inspired by a recently delivered farmhouse table, we take a quick look at choosing a rug to go underneath your dining table.

A carefully chosen rug can do several things in your kitchen... first and foremost it will create a feeling of warmth and cosiness which is just the ticket as we come into the colder months of the year. It looks very inviting and can really compliment your table. On a more practical note, it can absorb noise from an echo-y room, it helps to keep toes warm and will put a stop to the sound of chair legs being dragged across slate/tiles floors! If you have a particularly narrow or small kitchen, you can also choose a rug that will help to create a sense of space - stripes tend to work well for this.

So, what are the things to consider when choosing a rug? Here are our top tips:

  • Get the size right - we'd recommend that the rug should be large enough that you can push the chairs back without them falling off the rug. As a general rule, you should allow 70cm minimum along each side of the table to allow for the chairs. So, for a 120cm x 91cm table, you'd want a rug measuring approximately 260cm x 231cm
  • Allow space around the rug - try to avoid having the rug right up against a wall, or nudging underneath the sideboard or dresser for example.
  • Choose a rug that is easily vacuumed/cleaned - you need to be able to get all the inevitable food crumbs out of the cracks! And you need to be able to easily remove any stains with a carpet cleaner. So, it's probably best to avoid fluffy rugs and stick with something more sensible!
  • Choose a pattern/style that works for your kitchen - for a more boho look you might want to go for a patterned rug, for something more timeless or for a classic country kitchen, plain or stripes may work better.

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