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3 Kitchen Styles to Inspire You... | Farmhouse Table Company

3 Kitchen Styles to Inspire You...

These are three of our favourite looks that you can create by mixing and matching different elements from our collection.

First up is an entirely classic country farmhouse style. This is where we started as a business, and we're confident that this style will remain a firm favourite with our customers for many years to come. The picture was taken in situ (i.e in a real home!) after we had delivered the table and chairs, and it's a really good example of the classic combination of turned leg frame with painted farmhouse chairs. The length of table here helps to create the look, too - it's very inviting!

At the opposite end of the kitchen spectrum is this much more contemporary style. Here the customers have chosen a square leg frame, and the clean edges work brilliantly in a contemporary setting. Both have paired the table with our Tootie Chairs, which you could either mix up (as in the first picture) or keep them all the same colour (as in the second picture).

Finally, we really enjoy the pairing of traditional with contemporary in this example. Here we've matched the French Farmhouse Table, with it's elegant, slim frame and traditional style with the more contemporary Camborne Chairs. It really works, showing that there's nothing to stop you from being a bit more adventurous and mixing styles up a bit.