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Sam's Christmas Tips...All The Trimmings | Farmhouse Table Company

Sam's Christmas Tips...All The Trimmings

From sprouts to stuffing, here are some of Sam's top tips and go-to recipes for Christmas dinner...

Stuffing - I LOVE Jamie Oliver's mushroom stuffing. It always goes down an absolute storm at Christmas Dinner, and it's a great option for veggie/vegan guests too.

Brussels Sprouts - I can't remember where I learned this, but it is a delicious way to cook sprouts. Shred the sprouts in a food processor. Chop up some pancetta or bacon, and fry it in a pan. Once the pancetta/bacon starts to brown, add the sprouts. Cook them for 2-3 minutes, then add a shot of brandy. Let the booze cook off, and then add a splash of double cream and some fresh herbs, tarragon works well.

Roast Potatoes - I often think people try to get too clever with roast potatoes. I keep mine simple...par-boil the spuds, drain them well, give them a good shake with some olive oil or fat, season with sea salt and roast them at a high heat. 5-10 minutes before I take them out of the oven, I add a sprinkle of chopped rosemary or thyme.

Red Cabbage - Christmas Dinner isn't complete without some Braised Red Cabbage. I used a Riverford recipe last year, and it was superb.

Carrots - Don't shoot me down, but I find carrots a bit boring. However, they do look good with their bright orange, so I like to include them. I often go for a carrot mash, Abel and Cole style.

Gravy - It's the icing on the cake! If you missed my post about making real gravy, then have a read for my real gravy top tips.