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Christmas Wreath Inspiration | Farmhouse Table Company

Christmas Wreath Inspiration

Whether you want to make your own or cheat by buying one, here are some Christmas Wreaths to inspire a little festivity on your front door!

Bay & Chilli "Edible Wreath" from Rocket Gardens - I bought this wreath a few years ago and loved it. A lot of the bay and chillies were still in reasonably good nick at the end of Christmas, so I ended up freezing some of the chillies, and drying the bay to use. Looks great too. You could easily make it yourself if you have a good bay tree in the garden.

Garden Retreat Bird Wreath from John Lewis - this is a faux wreath, but I like the way it looks and the addition of the little birds is nice. I think it would be a nice one to mimic using real greenery from the garden.

I saw this on Not On The High Street - quite fun and colourful, and I imagine it smells pretty good too with all that cinnamon and citrus. It looks like a nightmare to make, so I'd stick to buying it, but maybe that's just me!

This traditional wreath from Bloom and Wild is perfect for the country farmhouse or cottage style. They have a few other options too which are all nice-looking as well.

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