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A Guide to Buying a Rustic Dining Table in 2022

A Guide to Buying a Rustic Dining Table in 2022

There are now so many table options available out there so it can be tricky to hone in on the right option. A table is supposed to hang a round for many years and can be quite an investment so we thought we'd help you get it right first time, focusing on the rustic look.

The rustic look is now more popular than ever and it seems its being given a new lease of life by being thrown into the mix amongst a modern environment.

Material options are generally focused around pine and oak but they both have their advantages and disadvantages in creating the perfect rustic look.

Rustic Oak Table Tops

Oak is a lovely hardwearing material. There are many grades of oak with the character grade fitting the bill for a beautiful rustic look on the table top. Finding reclaimed oak can be tricky and is therefore often quite expensive. Before the days of engineered oak flooring you could quite easily find lovely reclaimed floorboards to make a thin table top which is what we have based our French Farmhouse table on.

Character grade oak contains lovely knots and splits that visually looks stunning as it gives the table top its own personality. Add a waney edge, which is basically the outside edge of the tree, to the sides and you can achieve quite a statement piece which will certainly get your friends talking!

Using new oak to achieve the rustic look is becoming more and more popular as we modernise our homes. Our Rustic Oak Dining Table shows this off perfectly. The natural oak tone paired with a striking pop of colour really gel together. Add in the detailing of all those characterful features and there you have it. A prime example of the modern day rustic dining table.

Advantages: Very solid and hardwearing, The tone of the wood is lovely, not too yellow, light or dark. Finish with a clear oil for the perfect look. Oak will age beautifully and is often best left to do just that. If you want it looking new again, just give it a sand and a coat of oil.
Disadvantages : Oak is more expensive than a lot of popular hardwoods.

Rustic Oak Dining Table

Reclaimed Wood Table Tops

Old barns are usually the go to place for sourcing reclaimed pine. As these wonderful buildings slowly get a facelift and transformed into impressive modern homes, their internal beam structure make perfect table tops. The scars of their previous life are features that are saved to show off the character and show its history.

Our Reclaimed wood dining table does just that. No two pieces of wood are the same and the surface boasts a lovely weathered finish. Pine is generally fairly yellow so the aim is not to sand the surface too much and to keep hold of that rustic weathered look. Pair this texture with a solid colour and you achieve a great modern rustic look.

Advantages: Pine is cheaper and more readily available than oak. You can easily control the level of a weathered look with sanding.

Disadvantages: Pine is softer than oak so it will dent. If you try and sand these dents out then you sand though the texture which is what gives the table top its character. Any dents scratches or marks are usually best left alone but often this can add to the look while you engrave your own bit of history into the table.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

If any of the above options tick the box for you, head over to our dining table page where you can view the full range of styles.