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Oak Extendable Dining table in a window with two chairs and a bench.

How to Choose the Perfect Extendable Dining Table for Your Space

Choosing the perfect extendable dining table for your space is more than just a call to online shopping. It's a decision that's pregnant with style, functionality, and the aura of your space. With Kiki At Home, your “dream” dining table might not remain in your imaginations alone.

Understand Your Space

Understanding your space is the first step in choosing the perfect dining table. Before you make any decisions, measure your space. A comprehensive understanding of the space will help you determine the size of the table you need. An oversized table in a small space would create a cramped feel, while a tiny table in a large room might seem lost.

Reflect Your Style

The next consideration is the style of your space. Do you want the room to have a traditional feel or a modern look? Each table at Kiki At Home speaks volumes about the space it occupies. A modern style can be complemented by a table with clean lines, such as the Ringmore Dining Table Grey. If your space has a traditional feel, a classic styled table like the French Farmhouse Table Rustic Oak would be ideal.

Choose the Material

The material of a table is key, not just for design purposes, but also for durability. At Kiki At Home, we understand that each material tells a unique story. If you want your story to feature heirlooms and lasting memories, consider our Oak Dining Tables. If you are all about sophistication and simplicity, then you would love our glass and metal options.

Assess the Construction

When it comes to extending dining tables, quality construction is essential. They should be sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear due to the extendable parts. As such, the construction quality of a dining table is a crucial aspect to consider. A well-constructed table like the Tortington Extending Dining Table should offer sturdy legs, a solid tabletop, and quality extendable mechanism.

Consider the Number of Leaves

Determining the number of leaves is a crucial part when picking an extendable dining table. The number of leaves indicates how many more people the table can seat when fully extended. For instance, the Sweaton Extending Dining Table offers a generous number of leaves to accommodate more people.

This guide marks the starting point of your journey in choosing the perfect extendable dining table. Section 2 will delve into the mechanisms used in an extendable dining table and the importance of reading online customer reviews.

Understanding The Mechanism

Extendable dining tables, as the name implies, utilise various mechanisms to extend their size, thus accommodating more guests when required. To find the perfect table for your home, it's crucial to understand how these mechanisms work.

The mechanism of your extendable table affects its durability and ease of use. Some tables use a simple lift-top mechanism where the top lifts and extends. On the other hand, there are more complex butterfly mechanisms where the leaves fold neatly underneath the table when not in use.

Each mechanism comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For example, the Manaton Extending Dining Table utilises a butterfly mechanism, which allows for easy extension but might require regular lubrication. Simple lift mechanisms, as seen in the Buckland Extendable Dining Table, are straightforward to operate and maintain but could require careful usage to prevent damage.

Sift Through Reviews

One of the smart ways to approach the task of buying the perfect extendable dining table is by checking out customer reviews. Not only can these give you an honest outlook on the table's quality and durability, but they can also provide insights on the vendor's customer service and delivery process.

Product reviews on Kiki At Home product pages, for instance, offer real experiences from previous users. Their blog posts, on the other hand, come packed with tips and advice, encompassing everything from why you may need a new table this Christmas to the benefits of extendable dining tables.

Extended Comfort and Style

Choosing the perfect dining table doesn't stop at buying one. Instead, it extends to creating a comfortable and stylish space around it. Coordinating pieces from the Kiki At Home’s collections like the Topsham 5-Seater Lounge Set or the Boho Boutique Round Dining Table can help further elevate your space.


We've covered understanding your space, reflecting your style, choosing the right material, assessing the construction, deciding the number of leaves, understanding the mechanism, and sifting through reviews.

In the next part, we'll focus on curating your dining space further with accessories, chair considerations, and finally, how to seamlessly integrate your new table into your current décor. Stick around for the final section!

Complement with Matching Chairs

You've sorted out the perfect extendable table for your space. Now it's time to gather around, literally. Finding the right chairs to complement your extendable table brings you a step closer to that perfect dining space.

While an extending table offers more seating flexibility, your chair selection should take into account storage for these extra sets when not in use. For example, our compact Bigbury 3 Seater Dining Set does not only promise quality and style but also easy storage for chairs when not needed.

Enhance With Accessories

Your dining table is almost never just for eating; it's a centrepiece, a place where family catch-ups happen, a working space, or a game table. Choosing the right accessories can bring these activities to life while also enhancing your table's style.

From tablecloths and runners to decorative plates or candle holders, you would find perfect pieces at Kiki At Home that will harmonise well with your new extendable table.

Create a Cohesive Space

Finally, the perfect extendable dining table needs to integrate seamlessly into your decor. Consider the colour, style, and material of the table and ensure they blend well with the rest of your home.

If your home follows a classic theme, the Ottery Dining Table would be a good fit. For more contemporary spaces, the Tigley Extending Dining Table with its chic design can be an excellent addition. If you're leaning towards vibrant and bold options, the Harberton Round Dining Table will make a statement.

The Perfect Choice Awaits

Choosing the perfect extendable dining table involves much more than meets the eye. But with insights on space, style, materials, construction, leaves, mechanism, reviews, chairs, and accessories, you're now more than equipped to join the league of great 'table hunters'.

Remember, chosen well, your perfect extendable dining table would not only cater to your functional needs but also serve as an essential cornerstone, capturing many fantastic memories for years to come. You're now one step away from hosting those elaborate family dinners, luncheons with friends, or even a neighbourly catch-up.

To start this exciting journey, I invite you to browse the unique and exclusive collections on Kiki At Home. If you need more guidance, don't miss out on the numerous guides and pointers to help you make your perfect choice. Happy dining table hunting! Cheers to creating many beautiful memories around your new table.

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