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When to harvest potatoes | Farmhouse Table Company

When to harvest potatoes

We've just started digging up new potatoes, and they are SO good! Some neighbours were asking me how I knew when they were ready to harvest, so I thought I'd share this info with you all as I imagine quite a lot of people are growing potatoes for the first time this year!

Earlies (aka 'new potatoes') are usually ready for harvesting as soon as the flowers start to form, which for us is about now! If you're growing second earlies, this might not be until August.

For Maincrop potatoes (which are, as a general rule, the kind of thicker skinned potatoes that you store for a little longer and use for mash, roasts, and baking) wait for the leaves to start turning yellow after they have flowers and then harvest them. This is usually in August and September/October.