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What's your colour style? | Farmhouse Table Company

What's your colour style?

Are you a maximalist, who loves big colours and eye-catching pieces? Or are you more of a fan of clean lines and no-fuss design? We've got some ideas for both, and for those who are somewhere in between!

There's a lot to be said for the power of colour in the home. The paint that you choose for your farmhouse dining table can easily transform it from a minimalist piece to a maximalist statement. Below are some examples of our tables in a range of different colours from the Farrow & Ball palette to reflect whichever style you lean towards.

You can happily mix and match as well, choosing chairs/benches in contrasting or complimentary colours. Pictured above we've gone for a mixture of different in-betweeny colours which works really well, but you could equally choose a minimalist table with maximalist chairs or vice versa.
The brighter the better!

Keep it subtle and simple

In Between
The best of both worlds
Lake Red Strong White Teresa's Green
Emerald Green Savage Ground De Nimes
Charlotte's Locks Dimity Mouse's Back
Dutch Orange Ammonite Mahogany
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