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How to style your farmhouse kitchen windows

Looking for stylish ways to dress your farmhouse kitchen windows? Here are some simple to achieve styling tips to bring charm to a normally overlooked area of your home.

(A guest post from California Shutters)

A kitchen window is an often overlooked area of your home, but it has so much styling potential. Whether you’ve just moved in and your kitchen windows are still looking a little bare, or if you’re looking for ways to refresh your kitchen window dressing for a more country-inspired look, there are lots of charming ways to update your kitchen windows.


Image credit: California Shutters

Add charm to your country kitchen window with shutters

Suitable for all styles of kitchens from country to shaker to modern, shutters are a charming and practical addition to a kitchen window. They offer great light control as well as privacy, allowing you to adjust the slats or open fully. Shutters are easy to maintain and clean, and crucially they don’t absorb kitchen humidity and smells like blinds and curtains can. What’s more, they come in a variety of different styles and colours to complement your window. For a true country kitchen look, we recommend California Shutters’ café style shutters in Bisque, which partially cover the window frame and bring a softness to the room.

Image credit: Original Style

Create a kitchen window herb garden

Country kitchens are typically small with limited cupboard worktop space. If you’re struggling to find a suitable home for herbs, tomatoes or garlic, then look no further than creating a kitchen window herb garden. With basic DIY skills and a handful of ‘S’ hooks, you can make use of this otherwise redundant space for things like drying out herbs or hanging your garlic. This sunny spot is the perfect place to ripen your tomatoes and reach for ingredients as you’re cooking.

Image credit: Brayer Design

Make use of a deep window sill to style kitchen accessories

If you’re lucky enough to have a deep recess on your kitchen window, the window sill is a perfect spot to style country look accessories and add visual interest to the area. Glass bottles, wicker baskets or galvanised zinc storage pots are commonly found in country kitchens and double up as extra storage. To ensure your worktop space remains clutter free, why not also consider creating a home for a country-inspired washing up liquid decanter that you can top up as and when you need. It’s the simple touches…

Image credit: Rock My Style

Display your favourite plants

If your kitchen window has a sunny aspect, it’s the perfect spot to home your collection of plants. Pot your favourite plant babies into all different containers for a window sill filled with country character. For best results, mix up the heights of your plants, and opt for pots that complement the colour scheme of your kitchen. If in doubt, galvanised zinc pots or patterned pottery is always a good idea.

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