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Different Types of Farmhouse Tables to Fit Your Home Décor

Different Types of Farmhouse Tables to Fit Your Home Décor

In your home, the dining space can make a significant statement. It serves as a gathering spot for friends and family, where memorable meals are served, and fresh memories are created. It's an area where people congregate throughout the year, regardless of the season.

When choosing a farmhouse table, you should consider the décor of your dining room and the rest of your house's areas.

Therefore, if you've wanted to revamp your dining room and give this space some design love, now is the ideal moment to get started on your project.

Farmhouse tables come in many sizes, forms, and materials, with a wide variation in appeal and utility. As a result, your living circumstances will determine the type of furniture you choose.

So, before you lose yourself in all the available options, let us help you with an introduction to each of our farmhouse tables and how you can choose the perfect one for your home.

Ash Farmhouse Table

The ash farmhouse table adds a brand-new material to our selection. Like oak, ash is extremely robust, long-lasting, and has a great light Scandi feel. It also has gorgeous grain. This table will undoubtedly brighten any space with its lovely, natural tone.

Since ash is a far more durable and sturdy wood than pine, our legs won't eventually give way or start to wear out. The polish is also outstanding, so it will be faultless no matter what color you choose. So, whatever the colors you have in your home décor, you can always choose the best one to suit your taste perfectly.

Feel free to stray from the guidelines when designing and decorating your room or break them. Ultimately, it's your home, and you should love every piece of it.

French Farmhouse Table

Our rustic oak alternative for the French farmhouse table can be slender or slim, depending on your taste. In keeping with the traditional French style, we gave this table a longer overhang than our other tables, making it a wonderfully lovely piece of furniture.

If you're home décor is more traditional, the French farmhouse table is the perfect piece of furniture to complete this stylish look. You can always pick a classic design of farmhouse chairs to put it all together and make your dining area shine. If you need to sit more people from time to time, there's always the option of getting a French extendable farmhouse table.

Farmhouse Style

Whether you prefer rustic, prime oak, or even a reclaimed farmhouse style table, we can assure you that this farmhouse style dining table will be the star of the room. Our big, bold, and chunky types of tables are built to last with stronger materials.

We know you will fall in love with our beech frame and complement this beautiful piece of furniture with the rest of your home décor. Each of the three farmhouse table options can be extended up to 1 meter in length - ideal for accommodating large families or holding the occasional dinner party.

These tables are ideal for bigger dining areas and especially for those who prefer a more nature-oriented or rustic interior decoration.

Tapered Dining Table

Our tapered dining table is incredibly robust and beautifully constructed. This table has a lovely top of prime wood 25 mm thick and a delicate reverse chamfered edge contour. After that, we rounded the corners, drastically changing this table's classification.

This table is a true center piece to be proud of. Thanks to its subtle elements and the option of any colour frame, you can use it in a minimalist home or a more modern décor.

Refectory Dining Table

The refectory dining table is a stunning handmade art that proudly displays the intricate construction techniques and contrast between natural materials and colour.

The table's morticed joints, solid hardwood frame, and gorgeous natural oak stretcher pegged at both ends give it incredible strength. With the option of painted end frames or fully solid oak, this monstrous beast will outlast generations and look simply stunning.

Many families opt for this type of farmhouse table due to its size and the safety latches at the bottom of the legs of the table. This type of table will suit more casual and modern home decorations. Prepare big meals and enjoy them in the company of your friends and family in this beautiful piece of furniture.

Round Tables

These amazing round farmhouse dining tables are perfect for that little space next to your kitchen or terrace where you might prefer to have some meals. If you have more rustic home décor, you would love to add this round table to it.

We have three different types of farmhouse round tables that best suit your taste, and we assure you that all of your friends and family will also love to come by for a cup of tea in this beautiful piece of art.

We are certain that whichever farmhouse table you choose will be a beautiful addition to your home décor. Guess it's time for you to explore our farmhouse tables, and while you're at it, take a quick peek at our farmhouse chairs so you can get the perfect set.

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