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Drinks Trolleys and Cabinets

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Let the good times roll with our fabulous drinks trolleys!
Whether you're hosting a party or enjoying a night in,
these trolleys are perfect for serving up your favorite drinks.
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Entertaining for a Crowd: Scaling Up Your Home Bar with a drinks trolley or cabinet

The joy of hosting a gathering often revolves around the experience you craft for your guests. A crucial part of this experience? The bar. It’s not just about the drinks served, but also the ambiance, accessibility, and flair you create. Whether your choice is a drinks trolley or a drinks cabinet, understanding the intricacies can make or break the evening.

1. Deciding on Your Bar Setup

Drinks Trolleys: The Mobile Maestro

The Case for Mobility: Drinks trolleys provide a distinct advantage - mobility. The ease of moving your drinks station can change the dynamic of your gathering. Starting with cocktails in the living room and want to transition to the patio for a moonlit toast? A trolley like the Verna Drinks Trolley in Champagne is perfect.

Diverse Styles: From the retro appeal of the Verna in Bronze to more minimalist designs, trolleys cater to varied aesthetic sensibilities. They're particularly suitable for homes that cherish adaptability.

Drinks Cabinets: The Grand Statement

Space & Organization: Drinks cabinets, like the Ashbury 2-Door Drinks Cabinet, are all about space and structure. They provide ample room, allowing you to categorize and organize to your heart's content.

A Permanent Fixture: Cabinets, such as the Tortington Cocktail Cabinet, become a permanent part of your decor, reinforcing the room’s ambiance. It’s a statement of elegance and commitment to the art of entertaining.

2. Stocking Up: Crafting Your Beverage Menu

Liquor & Spirits: The Backbone

Your choice of spirits can set the tone. Classics like vodka, rum, gin, tequila, and whiskey should be present. Investing in premium brands can elevate the experience. Also, consider adding a few craft or local spirits for the discerning palates.

Mixers: The Unsung Heroes

While the spirits get the spotlight, mixers create the magic. Club soda, tonic water, various fruit juices, and even craft sodas can make all the difference. Ensure you have a diverse range to cater to varied preferences.

Garnishes & Add-ons: The Final Flourish

The devil is in the details. Lemons, limes, olives, cherries, and even herbs like mint and basil can dramatically transform a drink. Ensure they're fresh, and if possible, offer organic or farm-fresh options.

3. Glassware & Tools: The Craft Essentials

Every drink has its designated glass. Wine, whiskey, cocktails, mocktails, each demand their vessel. Having a diverse range of glassware not only serves a functional purpose but also adds an aesthetic appeal. Tools, from shakers to muddlers, need to be of good quality and should be present in multiples.

4. Crafting The Ambiance: The Aesthetic Touches

Beyond functionality, a bar is about ambiance. How you style your drinks trolley or cabinet, the lighting you employ, the decor pieces you add, all contribute to the mood. Consider adding soft lighting, maybe even LED strips to your cabinet or a chic lamp near your trolley. Personal touches, like family heirloom decanters or unique coasters, can add depth and character.


Setting up your home bar is more than just stacking up bottles. It’s about crafting an experience, telling a story, and making memories. With the right choices, every gathering can become a cherished memory, with the bar playing a pivotal role. As you scale up, remember it’s not just about size or quantity, but the soul you infuse into your space.


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