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Neutral Tones and your Farmhouse Table. | Farmhouse Table Company

Neutral Tones and your Farmhouse Table.

Which colour are you? Get to the bottom of which scheme represents your own personality.

Choosing from a range of neutral tones is a great way of achieving a timeless look and feel to your farmhouse table in your home. Here's what you need to know.

Farrow and Ball have split their Neutral tone groups in to 6 categories. Traditional, Yellow Based, Red Based, Contemporary, Easy and Architectural. Each of these groups allow you to pick a scheme that works for you and mirrors your personality.

Start by picking one of the following - Which one best represents you?







Once you have chosen your preferred colour scheme you're half way there to getting the right combinations for your furniture.

Many people when choosing the colour for their table, chairs or bench come to a dead end when it comes to choosing the right colours and tones that will work well in their homes. It's actually the most exciting part of the process because it really tests your ability to match up and get colours and tones just right but it's also really easy to do.

Think about the lighting in your room. would it benefit form a warm tone or do you feel you want to tie in with the natural cool light you already have.

Your property also has a say! The more heritage feel would pair with soft neutrals of the Traditional, Yellow based and red based schemes while the contemporary look suits the Contemporary, Easy and Architectural schemes.

Your floor will no doubt be requiring something that requires some subtle contrast, darker slate flooring which can come across as a little cold could pair well with Easy or Architectural allowing you to embrace that cold light. Wooden flooring offers a sense of warmth so perhaps try something contemporary.

Have a play and let us know how you get on. Remember, this is the fun part.