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Kitchen Colour Trends in 2020 | Farmhouse Table Company

Kitchen Colour Trends in 2020

It is always interesting to read about kitchen colour trends at the start of a new year, and there are plenty of articles splashed around online from the likes of Country Living and Ideal Homes. We thought we'd summarise the 5 key colour trends in the kitchen this year, which are:

1. Big "colour pops" and primary accents
Well, that's good news for Farmhouse Table Co, because we LOVE a big, bold splash of colour. When we photographed our Reclaimed Wood Dining Table in Farrow & Ball's 'Babouche' yellow we had a flurry of customers buying new tables painted in the same colour, and we've sold several tables painted in F&B 'Blazer' red over the past year or so.

2. Two-toned colour schemes
Table and chairs painted in one colour, with sideboards and cabinets painted in another looks set to be very fashionable this year.

3. Traditional styles with contemporary, statement colours
We've been doing this for years...what trend-setters we are! Whether it's a painted farmhouse kitchen chair, a new kitchen sideboard or a traditional looking dining table with turned legs, you can choose ANY colour from the Farrow & Ball range to customise your

4. Green is set to be "The" colour this year
Think emeralds, deep olives and forest greens. From the F&B range, you could pick Bancha or Calke Green for this look.

5. Midnight and navy blues are still IN
Well, sophisticated dark blues are likely to never go out of fashion - if you're designing your new kitchen and you want to go for a timeless colour scheme then have a look at F&B's Paean, De Nimes & Hague Blues.

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